Pine Bluff Arsenal Completes Major Phase of Chemical Weapons Disposal

WHITE HALL, AR - The military has reached a milestone in the incineration of its 3,850 tons of chemical weapons at the Pine Bluff Arsenal.

It announced yesterday that the munitions that posed the greatest risks have been destroyed.

About 960,000 pounds of GB nerve agent, or about 12 percent of the arsenal's chemical weapons stockpile, have been disposed of since the incineration began March 29, 2005, in accordance with an international treaty.  The entire process is expected to take five years.

The last of the GB nerve agent weapons were destroyed Saturday.

The military plans to begin destroying the next batch of chemical weapons this fall.  Those include VX-filled rockets, followed by VX-filled land mines and finally HD/HT bulk containers.

VX is a nerve agent.  HD/HT are blister agents.

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