Jonesboro's Annual Mosquito Battle Is On!

Jonesboro-- The City of Jonesboro has a new partner in this year's battle against mosquitos.

They have hired a new company called Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management.  The company is based in Illinois.  It is the nation's largest business of its kind.  Clarke replaces Vector Mosquito Company, who handled Jonesboro's mosquito program since 1995.

Wes Gruenberg is heading up the company's Jonesboro operations.  One of the first big changes he made, was to set up a Mosquito Hotline.  That number is 1-800-353-6693.

Gruenberg and his staff work round the clock during the warmer months.  They collect samples, test, and try to prevent problem spots during the day and actually spray neighborhoods and treat mosquitos at night.

They say that's it's imperative that residents first try to prevent the problems from keeping lawns free of debris like buckets, pots, and old tires.  But there are more things you can do, and they are listed on the Clarke Environmental Mosquito Control website at  That website also has information about how Clarke is fighting mosquitos in Region 8.

This time of the year, everyone reaches for the bug spray, but there are some more natural alternatives.  Citronella candles and torches are said to help deter mosquitos.  Other cheaper ideas include herbs like Basil....Oregano...Sage...and well as a very fragrant plant called Mosquito Plant.  Place it by your door to keep the pesky bugs from flying into your home.

None of these will actually kill mosquitos, but they will help keep them away from your area.  And finally, if you do have standing water, like that in ornamental ponds, house gutters, large pots, try something called Mosquito Dunks.  They kill larvae found in waterlogged areas.

And finally, if you need more help, call the Mosquito Hotline at 1-800-353-6693.