Soldiers Keep in Contact with Pictures

PARAGOULD, AR -- Soldiers in the 875th Engineer Battalion have been deployed for ten months and in those months the families left behind have cherished their limited communications.

"It's the first thing I do every morning is check for an email.  If five or six days goes by and I don't hear from them I send them and email to see if they're ok," said Carrie MacDonald.

MacDonald has two soldiers, her husband and son serving in the 875th in Iraq.  She said she looks forward to getting pictures sent by her son.

"A I feel really happy and proud and of course I jerk a tear.  I'm very proud and glad that I can actually see a smile on his face," said MacDonald.

For youngest son Dean he looks forward to seeing pictures of his dad and brother and getting little treasures along the way.  Dean has an Iraqi flag, a globe, and an embroidered hat sent by his father.

"It's got my name and my name in Iraqi and the Iraqi flag and 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'," said Dean MacDonald.

Julie Blevins keeps in contact with her son Blake over the phone about twice a month but also with pictures.

"It's just pictures that Blake has sent us.  It has just meant a lot to me," said Blevins.

Blevins has kept every photo her son has sent.

"I just love every time he sends us pictures.  It just makes me feel better knowing he's ok," said Blevins.

These families will see their loved one's when they come home from Iraq in September.

"I think he looks really good.  He's doing good over there.  It makes me sad to look at them but I have to look at them.  I know he's ok when I see pictures of him and I know he's not hurt," said Blevins.

"I can look at his face.  I can look at his eyes and I can tell he's ok," said MacDonald.