Training For Your Safety

JONESBORO, AR -- It's all for your safety. Since ASU retired the Twin Towers Dormitory, the Jonesboro Fire Department has been using the building before it's torn down. They're using for it you, to be better prepared to fight a high rise fire.

Truck after truck, the firefighters rolled onto the scene.

"When we roll into this, everything is basically an unknown. They just give us as little information as possible, so we can kind of sort through it and exercise ourselves in making decisions, and making decisions that hopefully will save somebody's life," says Brian Oden, a firefighter who took part in the training.

This is high rise training for the Jonesboro Firefighters, something they try to do each year. They're being timed, so as quickly as possible they are to fight this make believe fire that looks to be coming from the sixth floor.

"We come into the situation knowing that there's a fire in the structure, not knowing the exact location. We're basically training, trying to get setup and familiarize ourselves with the techniques," says Oden.

Oden is part of engine one, the first crew to arrive on the scene of the fire.

"As a general, we get on the scene first and then as other trucks come in, they're coming into it kind of blind and we're trying to paint them a picture the best we can, so they can actually making their size up and making their plans before they get on the scene," says Oden.

From the guy in the bucket that rises several floors up to rescue the person in the burning building, to the man who's in charge of the water supply, each job is important and is dependent upon each firefighter's performance.

"This training is vital to our job. It's very important to the people we protect, as well as the people we serve with. It's very real but at the same time it just goes a small step in preparing us for the real thing. You never can have the same scenario each time, so the more opportunity you have to put yourself in those situations, you're better prepared for it," says Oden.

The first group in Tuesday's training made great time according to the captains. From the time they were dispatched, to completing the full task at hand, they were able to do it all in 18 minutes and 48 seconds; quick action that hopefully will pay off when they're fighting the real thing.