Health Department: No Antibiotics Found in Imported Fish

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Arkansas Division of Health says samples of fish imported from China showed no traces of antibiotics that haven't been approved for use in fish.  Earlier this month, the state sent samples of imported catfish and tilapia to be tested at a U.S. Food and Drug Administration lab in Denver.  The health officials announced the results yesterday.

One sample of imported catfish showed a small amount of melemine, but that level doesn't pose a health risk, the state said.  Much higher concentrations of melamine have been found in some pet foods, leading to a massive recall earlier this year.

But testers found no sign of fluoroquinolones, which are often used to treat human illness, the state said.  The FDA says the antibiotics have never been approved for use in aquaculture and any amount detected in fish tissue makes the product adulterated.

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