Organized Thieves Steal $70k Worth of Equipment

May 23, 2007 - Posted at 7:44 p.m. CDT  

JONESBORO, AR -- An estimated $70,000 worth of equipment was taken from a Region 8 tractor store early Monday morning. Thieves took off with some pretty big items and it looks like it may be an organized job.

A phone call early Monday morning didn't start the week off well for Jonesboro Tractor Sales Manager Tracy Grissom.

"When I arrived, I found two trailer packages, tractor trailers, bush hogs, box blades missing, plus a forklift that we use around here. Plus an ATV and several other trailers had been stolen also," said Grissom.

About $70,000 worth of equipment...presumably taken in the middle of the night.

"They feel like they either climbed the fence and used my forklift to push the gate over or just possibly hooked onto it with a log chain and pulled the gate down," said Grissom.

But Grissom thinks it's more than just a smash and grab heist...several other dealerships have come up short.

"There's a ring that's hitting mostly Kabuto dealers because they are a hot item. They can dump them pretty easily.  There are plenty of places to go with them.  They've hit all the way from Texarkana to Dyersburg, Tennessee to Batesville the same night they hit me.  They've also hit Mt. Home," said Grissom.

But Jonesboro tractor supply is taking proactive measures to protect their inventory.

"The scary thing is that some of the dealers have been hit twice within a weeks time so we are trying to take preventative measures and get surveillance cameras up and a lot of security where we can probably, hopefully prevent another," said Grissom.

If you have any information regarding this theft, contact Crime Stoppers at the Jonesboro Police Department at 935-STOP.