Mail Thefts Continue in Region 8

JONESBORO, AR -- As we reported a few weeks ago, your mailbox could be a target for thieves.  However, it's not just your identity that those thieves could be taking.

A postal worker found two bags of mail on his route in Craighead County.  This is just one case of mail theft in Region 8.

"This one has been pretty extensive because it looks like the majority of this mail was taken out of a specific neighborhood and it looks like they just went into the mailboxes and took it out," said Detective Vic Brooks of the Criminal Investigation Division at the Jonesboro Police Department.

The thieves took everything they could get their hands on.

"We do know there were bills that never got to their intended locations because we have them here," said Brooks.

Abby Cress told us that she checks her mail at least once a day.  It was only in the last few days she has noticed a problem.

"I noticed that I haven't gotten almost any mail.  I know I haven't gotten any this week and I noticed it last week," said Cress.

In the past week one woman has been arrested for using stolen mail.  25-year-old Sharlene White is charged with three counts of forgery which is a class "c" felony.  White is accused of using checks that were a part of the stolen mail.

Officers have some tips to protect yourself from getting your mail stolen out of your box:  Check your mail everyday, don't send sensitive items like checks out of your personal mail box, shred any credit card applications that are unwanted.

"If you have not received any mail, contact the people you are supposed to be getting mail from," said Brooks.

Detectives said this isn't always a pressing crime in the area but it can be devastating to a fraud victim; both financially and personally.

"I think we'd also noticed some graduation announcements where money or a check had been sent but of course it was never received by the intended party," said Brooks.