Cameron Smith Remembered

Jonesboro -- Fourteen year old Cameron Smith died much the same way he lived....alone.  The young boy was shot and left for dead behind the Alpine Apartments in North Jonesboro on Saturday night.  When the shots rang out, witnesses say that everyone in the area scattered, running away and leaving Smith to die.  His body was finally discovered Sunday afternoon.  Police arrested 19 year old Oze "O.J." Rucker, Junior and charged him with Smith's murder.

Meanwhile, friends and a few family members held a candlelight vigil tonight at City Youth Ministries in Downtown Jonesboro.  Everyone there remembered Smith as a sweet, easy going boy.

Smith had been in Foster Care since late last year when he, his brother, and little sister were taken from their mother.  He was placed in the home of Rose Mary Andrews, a long time foster care parent.  Andrews is disabled, retired and single.  She currently cares for seven children in her home.

Cameron Smith's funeral is set for tomorrow morning at 11 am in Marked Tree.