Candles Shine Memories of 14 Year Old Boy Killed

JONESBORO, AR -- Cameron Smith was shot and killed Saturday night in North Jonesboro.

In and out of jail and in and out of foster care, Cameron Smith seemed to die the same way he lived, alone. Although he didn't have much of a family, he did seem to have a lot of friends. Thursday night, those friends gathered at City Youth Ministries in Jonesboro to say their goodbyes and remember the good days.

Light after light, the friends of Cameron Smith joined together to remember the child they knew.

"He was one of my closest friends so I just want everybody to know that I love him," says Shanic Moore, a friend of Smith's.

Moore was a classmate of Cameron's. At such a young age herself, she now is mourning the loss of a friend.

"He would never hurt a fly and I don't see why they would want to hurt him because he was young, he was cute and he got along with everybody," says Moore.

Other friends shared similar memories.

"He was always funny and everytime he would come around City Youth he would always be laughing and stuff," says T'Shay Price, another friend of Smith's.

Jonathan Howze was Cameron's big brother.

"Everybody who knew Cameron or had any association with Cameron knew he was a good kid. 14 years old, 14 years old. Life hadn't even begun yet, just an innocent child," says Howze.

Former teachers remember him too. Cameron was in Terri Ross' 3rd grade class in Marked Tree.

"I remember he was always so full of life. Always smiling, always happy," says Ross.

She says it saddens her to know that only 4 years after leaving her class in 3rd grade, he now is being buried. She wasn't sure of the path in life Cameron had taken since he moved to Jonesboro, but regardless, she says he was still a child who just needed some direction.

"He was just an innocent child. All of these are kids and they're just kids in bigger bodies as they get older and they still need hugs and kisses and they still need a mom and dad, or somebody to love them," says Ross.

The funeral service for Smith will be Friday in Marked Tree.