McDaniel Looking at Gas Prices, but Not Ready to Subpoena Oil Companies

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Attorney General Dustin McDaniel says he's researched pricing practices by oil companies and worked with other states to push for more enforcement of antitrust laws, and he hasn't ruled out turning to litigation if necessary.

Last year, McDaniel made a political campaign statement that he would use the office's subpoena powers to investigate gas prices.  He said he would hold big oil companies accountable, and that when companies increase gas prices in the course of a day, he would investigate them and their pricing schedules.

Currently, McDaniel says, there is little his office can do on its own to lower gas prices.  He blames the high costs of gasoline on a lack of refinery capacity and what he called anti-competitive practices by oil companies.  He says it would be political grandstanding to say that he would sue gas stations or big oil companies to bring consumers' relief.

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