14 Year Old Foster Care Runaway Buried Today

Jonesboro --  The fourteen year old boy who was shot and left to die at a North Jonesboro apartment complex was buried today.  Funeral services were held in Marked Tree this morning. Cameron Smith, 14, of Jonesboro was placed in foster care last December.  He was frequently moved during that process, which resulted in his falling behind in school.  After he began to have academic problems, Cameron was placed in alternative school at SUCCESS in Jonesboro.   His family says that Cameron was also required to stay in Juvenile Detention because a foster home could not be found for him.

The family is questioning why Cameron was placed in a foster care home with a single foster mother who is retired, disabled and caring for 7 children.  They say they blame the Department of Child and Family Services for Cameron's death.  They also claim that at least one family member contacted DCFS about gaining custody of Cameron, but they say DCFS was unresponsive.

Our calls to DCFS were unaswered today.