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Paragould, AR--Brett Garrett Reports

Anchor Packaging Adding New Jobs

PARAGOULD, AR--A major industrial announcement Friday in Region 8. Paragould's Anchor Packaging plans to add another 70 jobs to the over 650 they already employ.

With a number of manufacturing jobs going overseas it is becoming difficult to find employment.

"It's hard to get a full time job," said Paragould resident Lisa Hooks.

Hooks has been without a job for three months and knows just how hard unemployment can be.

"I have two little boys I have to take care of each day, take one to school, food, and have a house for them," said Hooks.

The good news for Hooks is she just started a new job last week at Anchor Packaging. She is one over 70 new jobs the company has announced they are adding to their Paragould plant. Plant Manager David Taylor says it is the just the first step in an even larger expansion.

"Over the next five years in addition to the 70, probably 100 more," said Taylor.

If you haven't heard of Anchor Packaging, that is understandable, but guaranteed you have probably used one of their products. They produce over 100 million roasted chicken containers a year and more than a billion carry out food containers annually.

"These are 70 part time jobs. These are 70 household sustaing, family rearing, full time jobs, great benefits, 401 k," said Taylor.

He says the expansion will include a 13 million dollar capitol investment in new equipment to help with the increase in production. More importantly, it's new jobs that are created right here in Region 8.

"I don't know what I would do without it. I have kids I have to support, and spoil and put through school," said Hooks.

Even though Hooks has only worked at Anchor for a week, she says her kids are enjoying a better life because of the new job.

"A lot happier, new toys they say, new toys and their own bedroom," said Hooks.

Anchor Packaging is based out of St. Louis. They say the decision to expand in Paragould was made because of the proximity to St. Louis, a strong labor market and positive business climate in Greene County.

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