JHS Honored

May 26, 2007--Posted at 1:15 pm CDT

JONESBORO-One Region 8 school is receiving nationwide recognition for it's excellence in education.

Newsweek magazine contacted Jonesboro high school in mid-March. They stated they were considering highlighting JHS as one of the nation's top schools.

If selected they would be in may's edition of newsweek. Yesterday the faculty and staff at jonesboro high school got the good news.

The number of schools that they chose were equal to the top five percent of the schools in the nation. It was based on the advanced curriculum, as well as the number of students that were currently taking advanced placement versus those who had scored so well on 2006 advanced placement tests.

They were very interested in the exceptionally high ACT scores.

Dr. Kim Wilbanks, Assistant Pricipal says, "Oh, we were so pleased. We feel very deserving because we have such an outstanding program at Jonesboro High school and we were very pleased that we were being honored in that way."