Arkansas Coin

May 28, 2007--Posted at 10:50 a.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR--A coin commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Little Rock Central High School desegregation crisis will be in short supply in the coming weeks. The Central Visitor's Center ordered 500 of the silver dollars and sold them all within about 30 minutes after a ceremony last week at Central.

U-S Mint spokesman Mike White says demand for the coins has been strong, although he says it is not unusual for commemorative coins to be in high demand soon after they are introduced. From May 15th to 20th, the Mint sold 30-thousand-190 Central High coins and 15-thousand-650 uncirculated coins, which have a satin finish and special packaging. It also sold 11-thousand-283 coins as part of a set that includes a medal depicting the Little Rock Nine walking up the steps outside of the high school.

The Mint's Web site shows that the coins will not be available for shipping until June 4th and the medal sets will not be available until June 26th.