100 Miles of Good Deals for Drivers on Memorial Weekend

FRISBEE, MO -- Hundreds of small time entrepreneurs are trying their hand at selling things they no longer want or need.  For 100 miles along Route 25 in Missouri shoppers had a sea of good deals to choose from....

The yard sale stretches from Kennett to Jackson, Missouri.

Dot McMillon is usually on the other side of the yard sale table.

"Usually we were out going to them.  We were buying instead of selling most of the time," said McMillon.

The sales were in full swing on Saturday and Sunday.  While Monday was a little slow for sellers, most still had faith their wares would sell.

"I have to clear out a lot of stuff that I will not have room for at my new house," said McMillon.

McMillon told us this yard sale brings a lot of people to Region 8.

"I think it's like a country get together as much as anything because you really meet a lot of people from out of state," said McMillon.

One thing that has helped bring in customers are the signs at the beginning and end of the sale warning drivers that the sale is going on.