How do I get DTV or HDTV?

Receiving the DTV and HDTV signals over-the-air requires an antenna and a new DTV receiver that can decode the digital signals.  In general, an antenna that provides quality reception of over-the-air analog TV signals will work for DTV reception.

If you are a cable or satellite customer, you may need a set-top box to receive DTV signals and convert them into the format of your current analog television, even after the DTV transition is complete. A DTV set-top box also may receive multicast channels and high definition programming and display them in analog picture quality.

Check with your cable or satellite provider to determine if and when you will need a set-top box. A listing of the operational DTV stations is available at  Satellite TV providers and most cable systems are currently offering DTV programming.  Subscribers should check with their service providers to see what programming is available in their area.