Could Region 8's Dry Spell Prevent Planting?

Jackson Co. --  Looking out over the fields, it seems farmers would have no problems getting their soybeans planted. But looks can be deceiving. After the light showers Wednesday morning, the topsoil was dark and moist, but once you drag off the top layer...bone dry.

"There's not much you can do for soybeans except for wait for the rain. And we're waiting. Hopefully we'll get some in the next couple of days."

Michael Cureton, a farmer here in Region Eight, says they are being teased with these scattered showers.

"It's weird, we have one field too wet to plant today, and this other one is too dry. It's a no win situation. We use the Cache River to irrigate, but the drought has hurt us there too because there's not enough to irrigate the rice fields. So it's hurting that crop too."

Farmers have to get their soybeans planted between the middle of May and the first of June. But Mother Nature isn't working with their schedule.

"We've just got a little bit of time left... if we don't get them in, we won't have a crop. And this is a good year for soybeans. It's not so bad when they're cheap, but this year it could be a big loss out of our pockets."

So farmers play the waiting game... and hope for more rain.

"We do hope it rains this week, it's just a gamble we have to take every year with crops."

A gamble they can't afford to lose.