Marine Veteran in Trouble for Wearing Uniform at War Protest

KANSAS CITY, MO - A Marine who served in Iraq faces a hearing next week on his discharge status after he was photographed in fatigues protesting the war.

Corporal Adam Kokesh is a New Mexico native now pursuing a master's degree at George Washington University in the nation's capital.  An April photo in The Washington Post showed him and other veterans in the city staging mock patrols.  They wore fatigues with the military insignia removed.

On Monday, Kokesh goes before a panel at a Marine Corps facility in Kansas City for a hearing on reducing his honorable discharge to "other than honorable."

After the April protest, Kokesh was told he might have broken a rule barring troops from wearing uniforms without authorization.  He responded with an obscenity.

Kokesh enlisted in the Marines while in high school.  He has finished his active duty but remains on reserve subject to activation until mid-June.

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