Earthquake Tour Set near Blytheville

MAY 31, 2007 - Posted at 11:32 a.m.

BLYTHEVILLE, AR - Scientists and insurance professionals will kick off a two-day "Earthquake Insight Field Trip" of the New Madrid Fault zone this afternoon near Blytheville.

Field trip participants are described as "high-level executive leaders in the insurance, finance and business sectors and key leaders in the public sector who are learning first-hand about earthquake risks in the central U.S."  About 48 people are expected to participate.

The field trip is subsidized by the U.S. Geological Survey and is led by a regisitered USGS geologist.  About a dozen other geoscientists are also expected for the event.

The group will make its first stop this afternoon about four miles northwest of Blytheville, near Yarbro.  The group will spend the evening in Blytheville before continuing the tour tomorrow in the Missouri Bootheel, west Tennessee and western Kentucky.