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JETS Celebrates It's First Birthday

On the anniversary of their first year in service, "JETS" coordinators say it's been a learning experience.

"We find things that aren't being done right and we fix them. We find things that are being done right, and we expand them. We learned that we needed a facility," said transportation cooridnator Joel Gardener.

In may, JETS began their move to that new facility which hosts a mechanical garage with an ASE certified mechanic, a fuel bay, and an ADEQ certified wash bay.

But their move, only shows how much the program has grown in a few short months.

Since their start they have expanded, adding a new gold line to their route, as well as tweaking some others.

"We found that there were areas that we weren't providing service that we are now. We saw areas where we were providing service and nobody was riding it. We pulled out those areas, and we added some other areas to the green route. We found that we've got a much more efficient route on that particular line," said Gardener.

That efficiency led to better scheduling, and more frequent stops.

However, the actual benefits of the JETS bus system are not actually seen until you board one of the buses and talk to the people who use the service in their everyday lives.

Freida Davis has ridden jets since the start.

"It's done a lot for me. I've been able to get to work. I've not missed a day of work or been late for work. I know exactly what time to catch it. The drivers are really nice. It's kinda like having your own limousine service," said Davis.

And the price isn't bad either.

"It's a dollar to ride it, so I can afford it, but I couldn't afford to ride in a cab. It would just run into too much money," said Joyce Cummins.

And before long, you've got a whole family of bus buddies.

"Yeah, we get to know a whole lot of them. We know where just about everybody is going, and who you're going to pick up over here. When school is going on, we know what kids are getting on in the morning and what school they are getting off at. So, yeah. That's how long I've been riding," said Davis.

Those stories are the ones, jets want the community to see.

"We want people to see who we are, know who we are, and realize that we are providing a valuable service to their community," said Gardener.

If you would like more information on bus fares and schedules, simply click the link to view the JETS website.

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