Brand New Police Calls it Quits in Holly Grove after Turbulent Weekend

HOLLY GROVE, AR - Gunshots, a break-in and the attempted firebombing of two police cars in Holly Grove this weekend has led to the resignation of the town's new police chief, only days after the city council fired the former chief.

The city council fired former chief Jason Johnston after a string of suspected arsons in the Monroe County town.  Now with the new chief gone, Holly Grove finds its two-officer police force unmanned.

Early Sunday morning, the town awoke to find itself vandalized again.  Officials say someone broke into a local store owned by Mayor Lula Tyler and the new police department.  Officials also say someone fired six shots into the north side of city hall and tried to blow up the town's two police cars.

The mayor describes the recent vandalism as horrible.  Another resident, Wayne Endsley, says "you'd have to be stupid not to be scared or want any part of it."

The mayor says she planned to meet with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department today to ask for help.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)