Three Dead in Sunday Shooting

GOOBERTOWN, AR--The investigation continues Monday evening into the shooting deaths of three people at a Craighead County residence.

The three bodies were found at a home off of County Road 960 in Goobertown Sunday afternoon.

Sheriff's received the call around 3:50 p.m. just 100 yards from Highway 49.

Police found two of the bodies in the living room of the house and the third on the porch where it appears 23 year-old Treva Moss was attempting to crawl out of the house to get help.

"On the outside of the house there was quite a bit of blood on the facing of the door and the porch, on the inside there was probably more," said Craighead County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Rick Thomas.

According to deputies, 50 year-old Beverly Smith, her stepson 28 year-old Michael Cole, and 23 year-old Treva Moss who is believed to be the girlfriend of another son, were shot to death inside the home on County Road 960. Thomas says they are not looking for any suspects.

"It's very early in the investigation, but at this time, we think all involved were still there at the house," said Thomas.

Sheriff's say there was no signs of forced entry in the house. While they found a handgun and shell casings they believe were involved in the shootings, there are still a number of facts they are trying to figure out.

"We don't have a motive. The investigation is still ongoing, we have a lot of interviews going on and we are waiting on the results from the crime lab," said Thomas.

According to neighbors traffic on County Road 960 has been more than four times what it normally is. Neighbors say it is because nothing like this happens in this small of a town.

"We are just a friendly neighborhood out here and everybody knows everybody and gets along with everybody," said Johnston.

Charles Johnston should know he has lived in Goobertown for 35 years and was home Sunday afternoon.

"I was in my bedroom taking a nap and I didn't hear nothing and none the neighbors heard nothing," said Johnston.

Johnston's shop is located next to crime scene and often saw the neighbors.

"Always nice to me, they were real quiet people. They were friendly every time I came down to the shop, they would come out and speak and generally real nice," said Johnston.

For Johnston, whose grandchildren are normally around it is a scary situation, but he said Monday in the neighborhood returned to business as usual.

"It concerns me, but I think we are just lucky that no one else around here was hurt," said Johnston.

Deputies say the three bodies have been sent to the state crime lab. They plan to send additional evidence with the case in the next few days.