Man Drives Car Into Walgreens

JONESBORO, AR -- A Jonesboro store was shaken up Tuesday. A man ran his car into the side of the Walgreens at the corner of Caraway and Nettleton late Tuesday afternoon.

The shoppers and employees inside the Walgreens were alarmed by a loud sound late Tuesday afternoon.

"It was either a car running into the building or somebody got shot outside, so either way it's not good," says Alex Roberts, a clerk for Walgreens.

Roberts was working the checkout counter when he heard it.

"They just hit the wall. It didn't sound like they had a chance to stop. It was really loud, sounded like a gunshot," says Roberts.

Immediately, he and other workers ran outside and realized someone had run a car into the side of the building. A man was still inside.

"It looked liked he was seizuring and he was covered in blood and very passed out," says Roberts.

They called 911. Police, fire and ambulances arrived within minutes.

"When we got here, the car was still running with the driver still inside with a head injury," says Lt. Mark Mosier with the Jonesboro Police Department.

Police say the driver, 42 year old Dion Daguamno of Jonesboro was lying in the front seat in a dazed state.

"The vehicle had made contact with the building and also a shopping cart and the vehicle was also on fire," says Lt. Mosier.

Police and fire rescue workers had to force entry into the car to get Daguamno out, as the fire was starting to spread. His head slammed into the windshield, so he was taken to the hospital for head injuries. At his hospital visit, he was treated for even more. Police immediately requested a blood test, as there were a large number of prescription bottles for drugs like oxycontin and hydrocodone; powerful painkillers in the car with some bottles of non-alcoholic beer.

"We're investigating this as possibly a DWI Drugs case," says Lt. Mosier.

An automatic pistol was in the car, which landed him a felony charge for illegal possession of a firearm. After doing a check on his record, they discovered he was a convicted felon from New Jersey, wanted for probation violation. Tuesday night, Daguamno is sitting behind bars in the Craighead County Detention Center.

We asked the Walgreens store manager if they planned to press charges for damages to the store. She said that corporate would be handling all that and they have been contacted about the incident.