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New Fire Station Coming To Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR -- A new fire station will soon be serving the city of Jonesboro, but not everyone is happy about it.  The new station located on Brazos Street will be centrally located to serve the new Mall at Turtle Creek and its surrounding area.

Part of Fairview Park has been taken over by the new location for Fire Station No. 3. The $2.2 million dollar project is the first of several for the city, but this one isn't welcome by some neighbors.

"It's in the central part of town," said Jonesboro Fire Chief Aaron Keller, "Probably 40-50% of calls are in this area."

Soon making it one of the busiest fire stations in Jonesboro.  Something neighbors on quiet Parkwood Road aren't happy about.

"I lived 15 and a half years across from the fire station on Highland and I know how loud it gets at night if your asleep and those trucks come out," said Parkwood resident Shirley Redd.

Despite the loud construction trucks and the anticipation of an even louder situation, most neighbors are worried about the children.

"There are kids all over this neighborhood and that takes away from their safe playing places," said Loretta Swain, a resident for 27 years.

"With the traffic it's going to be a little bit different with kids," said Parkwood neighbor and Minister Lee Taggart, "And the fire department is going to have to watch out for them a lot more than just regular residents in this the vehicle passing now, that's over the speed limit.  It's going to take some getting used to."

"There are kids all in this neighborhood that are wondering up and down the road all the time and they re different ages and they are not going to pay any attention to what they are doing and they might get hit," said Redd grimly.

The fire station will also serve as a headquarter training facility and firefighters will cover a mile and a half in each direction.

"This district connects to all the other districts around it and the guys will have a shorter response time from the classroom to the actual incident or call that they receive but it's going to be a real busy station," remarked Keller.

"I can hardly wait, I don't want a fire, but I can hardly wait until the first fire and it wakes us all up," said Swain.

The station is expected to be ready in March of 2008.

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