Father and Son Reunited After Kidnapping More than a Year Ago

SALEM, AR -- A mother is in jail accused of kidnapping her child from the custodial father.  The case started in south Texas last year and ended Thursday night in Fulton County where the child was found with the help of local police and the FBI.

"It seemed like forever.  I prayed for the day for a long time," said Jay Wells.

That day came Thursday when Wells and his seven year old son Jayson were reunited after more than a year apart.

"From the day he's been missing, it's been right at a year and two months," said Wells.

Jayson Wells was taken on April 16, 2006 by his non-custodial parent Barbara Wells.

"I tried calling the police.  She kept him out of school.  They just disappeared," said Jay Wells.

She was arrested on Thursday in Salem, Arkansas.

Wells began his search by passing out flyers.  He said it takes a little while for the police to get involved in a matter like this.  He started trying to find help through the internet and there he found hope on the American Association for Lost Children website.

"I found Mark Miller and he was one of the first one's who offered a lot of help," said Wells.

"It took us a long while.  This was a very tough case," said Mark Miller.

Jay Wells said through their divorce his ex-wife Barbara Wells had made claims of sexual abuse of son Jayson.

"All those things were falsified.  She just tried everything that she could.  We went through two full investigations with Child Protective Services," said Wells.

After searching through Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas they finally had a viable lead.

"Mark Miller with the American Association for the Lost said here's where they are and we made a phone call to the FBI and told them exactly where it was and they went in and picked them up," said Wells.

Like in many child kidnapping cases the abductor is one of the parents.

"It's sad.  They're taken out of vengence.  Most of the children who are taken by one of the family members it's all out of spite and anger that just builds," said Miller.

Miller says the real victims are the children caught in the middle who love both of their parents.

"Not just a little bit a big bunch," said Jayson Miller.