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Consider This - June 8, 2007

New Roadway Setting A 'Healthy' Precedent

Some wonderful news was announced this week in Jonesboro... After many years of discussion... construction on the Lawson Road bypass around the Valley View school district is finally underway. Valley View students will certainly benefit in terms of creating a much safer campus... and then there is the secondary aspect of the project that is equally as exciting...

Consider This...         

You may be saying... putting in a mile of road is nothing to be excited about... but this section of roadway is special. For the first time the leaders in Jonesboro have added a biking/running/walking lane. The precedent this sets is extremely important.

As the widening of Lawson Road continues to the east the biking lane could eventually connect with Craighead Forest which serves as a hub for many biking and running activities.

Years ago Little Rock and North Little Rock realized this type of adult recreation is good for the growing number of health conscious citizens... and that it is also good for tourism related economic development.

Northeast Arkansas offers some great biking terrain and if all of the communities - cities and counties -  in Region 8 would consider adding these lanes to new road construction we would eventually have a series of biking trails stretching for hundreds of miles.

Tapping into the great biking publicity already received in Little Rock, NE Arkansas could benefit by developing this area as a recreational region for biking enthusiasts.

This is a great start Jonesboro... and hopefully the first of many, many bike lane miles to come.

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