ASU Meets With Fans On Mascot Issue

JONESBORO, AR - The Arkansas State University mascot committee met on Monday morning to have an open discussion with fans on whether or not the Indians mascot should change to fit into NCAA rules.

"How many people think it's wrong what they're trying to do?  how many people think it's wrong?," said Dick Clay.

Many Indian fans  including retired K8 sports director Dick Clay had something to tell the ASU mascot committee.

"It's not right.  I feel like the NCAA is jumping in there when they need to be doing other things.  I don't make those decisions," said committee member Joe Turney.

"The Indians are the name and the NCAA is not an all powerful person.  I know that they're trying to be politically correct and everything, but I think we should fight it," said Clay.

For the committee members, who also say they're fans of the mascot, this decision is a tough one.

"What I want is what's best for them and unfortunately that may not be what I would like to see us do, but the ultimate thing has to be what's best for the students," said Turney.

ASU student Malessie Mosier stood and asked where the money will come from to pay for the changes if they happen.

"My tuition just got raised $100 and I think it's kinda funny that this is coming about.  That may or may not have something to do with," said Mosier.

As for the cost, Athletic Director Dean Lee and the other members of the committee have looked at what the change has cost other schools.

"$250,000 to $300,000 is the cost to go in and change," said Lee.

Other schools who have fought the decision have spent millions of dollars in legal fees but there may be an answer from the fans.

"If they're worried about lawyers and stuff there have been all kind of campaigns out here to raise money.  I for one would give a $500 check to start it off," said Clay.

While others are ready if the decision is to change.

"If we have done everything we can do then it's time to stop the fight," said Tommy Reese.

The next meeting for the mascot committee will be Monday June 18th.