MissCo Family Still Seeking Answers Seven Years After Daughter's Death

MONETTE, AR - Seven years have passed since Amanda Tussing was found dead in a ditch in eastern Craighead County.

The hunt for the killer of 20-year-old Amanda Tussing, who was engaged to be married, continues.

Craighead County Sheriff's Investigator Gary Etter says tips continue to arrive at the sheriff's office, but so far, no piece of evidence has linked a suspect to the case.  But, Etter says he is deeply motivated to keep trying.  He says one tip that arrived recently seems to have promise.

The victim's mother, Susan Tussing, says he is ready for a break in the case and has prepared herself for the rigors of a trial, if there is one.

Amanda Tussing was found June 18, 2000, in the Big Bay Ditch, near the Lester community.  Her family reported her missing three days earlier when she didn't arrive at home after leaving her fiance's apartment in Jonesboro.  An autopsy report says Tussing drowned.

Etter says between 150 and 200 people have been questioned in the case.  He says fiance Matthew Ervin successfully passed three polygraph tests.  Susan Tussing says she never believed Ervin was involved in the death.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)