Federal Court Asked to Intervene in Chinese Girl's Custody Dispute

MEMPHIS, TN - A state Supreme Court order reuniting a Chinese couple with the 8-year-old daughter they put in foster care as an infant is under attack in federal court.

American foster parents Jerry and Louise Baker of Memphis contend in a U.S. District Court lawsuit that the girl's constitutional rights are being violated.

The Juvenile Court in Memphis is under orders from the Tennessee Supreme Court to reunite Anna Mae with her biological parents, Shaoqiang.  He and his wife, who have been trying to gete her back from foster care for seven years.

In March, the Hes began a series of visits with their daughter as part of the reunion process, which is moving slowly in hopes of lessening the child's emotional trauma.

In January the state Supreme Court ordered the reunion after overturning lower court rulings that took away the Hes' parental rights on grounds of abandonment.

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