Magic Springs: Animal to Blame for Weekend Power Outage that Stranded Roller Coaster Riders

HOT SPRINGS, AR - Officials at Magic Springs amusement park at Hot Springs say an animal is to blame for a weekend power outage that left two dozen people hanging upside down on a roller coaster for about 30 minutes.

Park customer service manager Mark Hunt says crews inspected electric lines near the park and found burn marks on a pair of insulators, where wires connect to utility poles.  Hunt says it appears a bird or large animal went into the wires and caused the outage.

Hunt says utility crews will spread the wires further apart to prevent another similar outage.

Riders on the XCoaster were freed after power was restored with a generator and the car coasted to a low point, where workers let the riders out.

The park says the electric outage lasted 25 minutes.

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