Missouri Humane Society Rescues 100 Animals in Howell County

POMONA, MO - The Humane Society of Missouri today rescued approximately 100 animals believed to be endangered on a property in Howell County, near Pomona.  Working in cooperation with the Howell County Sheriff's Department, the rescue team consisted of six experienced animal rescue professionals, four experienced animal handlers, and an independent veterinarian.

Five horses, 15 goats, four hogs, 40 ducks with numerous ducklings, 39 chickens with several chicks, four dogs and 13 doves were expected to be rescued from the property, according to the Humane Society.

Most of the animals are expected to be taken to the Humane Society's Longmeadow Rescue Ranch for triage.  The animals are to receive veterinary care, and will remain in custody of the Humane Society until a disposition hearing is scheduled in Howell County.