Murphy Oil Opens New Fuel Distribution Facility

June 12, 2007 - Posted at 4:37 p.m. CDT

BONO-From the road it looks like something out of a movie.

"When it first started going up, a lot of folks would drive by and stop in and ask us or our people what's actually going up here," said Paul Carter of CWC Mechanical.

What was going up is Murphy Oil's new distribution facility.

"Murphy did a lot of demographics to figure out where they wanted to put this, and this is where they came up with," said Keith Crowden, the Terminal Manager.

The facility taps into the Tempco petroleum pipeline that runs North out of Houston, Texas.

At the site on Highway 63, the company can store and distribute more than 5 million gallons of gasoline.

"From Friday morning at nine until Monday morning at nine, we sold one-point-one-million gallons of fuel," said Crowden.

Each one of these tanker trucks holds about 8 to 9-thousand gallons of gasoline. Murphy Oil says on a typical day they are hoping to see about a hundred of these big rigs go through.

For truck drivers, the facility is one of a kind.

"It loads faster, it's easier to load, and easier to learn how to load. It's just a lot better facility," said Del Ayers.

The distribution center can fill a tanker truck in about ten minutes, pumping nearly 600 gallons per minute.

"We run through it quick. We are having to refill the tanks quite often to keep up with the demand that is coming to us," said Crowden.

That demand is expected to grow, as the new facility shortens the distance for many drivers.

"Trucks from up in Southern Missouri and Northwest Arkansas had to drive by this place to go to Memphis for the closest point to pick up fuel and take it back," said Carter.

Fuel companies are not the only ones benefiting from the distribution center.

"We load trucks and send them to the majority of the Murphy Oil stations, but we also send to farmers, gas stations, individuals, just anybody that wants to buy from us," said Crowden.

Now, everybody can finally benefit from the areas only distribution center.

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