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Bono, AR -- Marsha Mays Reporting

Craighead Co. Voters Say "Yes" to Bono Lake Proposal

BONO, AR -- The landscape of Region 8 will soon be changing. Craighead County voters passed the Bono Lake Project Tuesday night in an overwhelming majority.

The new 135-acre Bono Lake will provide drainage for the city of Bono and recreation for the entire region.

Tuesday's election results rolled in quickly, with the complete results in by 9 p.m. With about 4,000 voters turning out to the polls, the Bono Lake proposal won by a landslide. 71 percent voted in favor of the sales tax for the lake and only 29 percent against. That means majority rules and Craighead County will soon see a lake just northeast of Bono, on Crowley's Ridge.

With that, also comes a sales tax for three months. The 1-cent sales tax will be collected from October to December of this year, providing 4 million dollars, the total cost needed to construct the lake.

Here at K8 News, we took a poll on our website prior to the election results and Region 8, you hit it right on the money. Once again, 71 percent for and 29 against; the exact percentages that the real results showed.

"We are well please with the outcome of 71 percent for and 29 percent against it. I think this has been a lot of hard work for a lot of people and now we can go to work and get the lake built," says Bono Mayor L.M. Duncan just after hearing the results.

Mayor Duncan told K8 News they plan to start paper work as soon as possible and then break ground by the first of the year. He estimates it will take about a year and a half before the lake is ready for recreation and in full operation.  

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