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Southern Baptists Reaffirm Faith Statement

SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Southern Baptists concerned about a rightward shift in the denomination claimed a significant victory today.  That's with the passage of a motion centered on Baptist identity -- in essence, what makes for a "good Baptist."

In results announced this morning, "messengers" to the denomination's annual meeting in San Antonio backed a statement calling the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 sufficient to establish Southern Baptist in good standing.  The breakdown was 58 percent for and 42 percent against.

Some conservatives downplayed the vote's importance and called the measure confusing.  But backers of the statement said some conservatives have been setting additional litmus tests.

Among those was the condemnation by some conservatives of "speaking in tongues."  They say those additional standards narrowed who's considered a good Baptist.  At stake is the direction of the S-B-C nearly three decades after its "conservative resurgence" purged liberals over the issue of biblical infallibility. --- On the Net: http://

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