Frustrated State Lawmakers Seek Investigation into Gas Prices

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Attorney General Dustin McDaniel says gasoline retailers in Arkansas are engaged in heavy competition and aren't to blame for high prices.  But McDaniel told a legislative meeting yesterday that's more than he can say about the companies that supply Arkansas gas stations.

McDaniel spoke to a joint committee of the House and Senate energy committees.  Members of that group eventually voted to ask the federal Justice Department to investigate potential anti-competitive practices among major oil companies.

McDaniel said he's received a number of complaints about high gas prices, but said his office has not found any evidence of price fixing or gouging by local gas stations.  Instead, McDaniel blamed high gas prices on a lack of competition nationally, as well as a shortage of refineries.  He said he thought there were market manipulations taking place much higher on the ladder than the local or state level.

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