Update: County Road Potholes Fixed

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR--Residents along a Craighead County road couldn't get the county to fix a massive pothole because their road wasn't maintained by the county.

Since the story aired, residents have made the county road their road with a little help.

Not every road is created equal. A few weeks ago we showed you that while a road on a map says county road, in many cases those roads aren't maintained by the county.

Residents along Craighead County Road 742 found out the hard way after enduring a series of potholes on their road.

After we did the story the residents found out their county road wasn't a county road at all and since that time these good neighbors have pulled together and its been smooth driving.>

Neighbors haven't done it alone. Crittco Construction allowed an employee and 742 resident Ronnie Birmingham the use of their backhoe and provided over $1000 in supplies to fill the potholes.

"They donated a load of chat for me to fix some of the bad spots out there and I got some of them looking pretty good," said Birmingham.

Neighbors came to the solution of fixing the problem themselves after finding out how much it would cost them to have it maintained by the county.

"My understanding is that we would have to pay for the utilities to be put off the road and replace new culverts and there's just not too many out there that can afford it," said Birmingham.

Other neighbors like Donnie Kennedy have offered to grade the road with his tractor, but ultimately he feels the credit for the nicer road should go to Birmingham.

"He's helped me in several different things and he is just a really nice guy and neighbor," said Kennedy.

Birmingham who took a Saturday off of work to fix the problem even received a cake from a neighbor as a thank you. He doesn't feel he did anything out of the ordinary.

"I am just a normal guy who likes to have my street stay straight," said Birmingham.

Birmingham's next order of business on the road is attempting to slow down traffic through the area by building speed bumps.