Update: K8 Investigates Hit and Run in Downtown Jonesboro

June 15, 2007 - Posted at 4:57 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-Jonesboro Police say the vehicle that did a path of destruction along Main Street belonged to Cameron Starks.

Starks recently gave a statement to police saying one of his cousins from Detroit, Michigan was driving the vehicle, but he was unable to give his name.

Whether enough evidence ever comes out to charge anyone in the incident, downtown business owners say they are trying to move forward one day at a time. "I'm sitting in what was one of the most beautifully designed show windows in downtown Jonesboro," said Tom Barnes.

Now the front of Replay Toys serves as a reminder of a hit and run accident on the morning of Sunday, May 20.

"It's irritating that someone can destroy a building and destroy your business and get away with it," said Lavonda Barnes.

For more than a month the building has sit with a closed sign hanging in the window.

"There is a lot tied up here. There is a lot of time here, a lot of money. There is a lot of cash flow that is tied up in toys just sitting here," said Mr. Barnes.

"It's been real stressful just waiting for insurance and everything to come through, so we can start on the building and get everything set up and ready to go again," said Mrs. Barnes.

The day of the accident, a torn up Tahoe was found several blocks from the scene at a mobile home on North 2nd Street.

While the vehicle's owner has now been identified as Cameron Sharp, police still don't have enough information to make any charges.

Meanwhile, Mister Replay the Dog made a brief appearance Friday to show kids the damage, but to give them hope of the stores opening.

On the inside, toys line the shelves and walls, as owners wait patiently.

"When we do open, we will have a big grand opening. We are still in the works for that. We were hoping for the fourth of July weekend, but I don't think so," said Mrs. Barnes.

So now it's just a matter of waiting, before this unique store can give back to an area on the go.

"What it has done to downtown, to here, is taken somebody's dream and just put a halt on it. That really upsets me," said Mr. Barnes.

More than 15 thousand dollars in damage was done to Replay Toys.

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