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A-STATE'S New Mascot: You Decide

ASU has opened a online channel for mascot suggestions to submit your ideas for the the new mascot click here.

June 21, 2007 - Posted at 8:12 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR - ASU is searching for a fresh look...three days after Arkansas State University's mascot review committee recommend changing the Indian, fans are split on what would best represent the school in the field of battle.

After receiving a number of emails and talking to people on the street, fans all agree whatever mascot is selected has a tall order of representing all that is Arkansas State.

"It's a rare and special experience and I think the mascot should share that," said ASU student Allie Hooks.

After decades of Indian Pride everyone has an opinion when it comes to replacing Chief Big Track and the Indian family.

"I like the mascot the way it is but if we have to change it I would say it should be something in Arkansas like the bobcats or something," said Hooks.

Hooks' opinion that the mascot should be native to Arkansas is a popular one that former Lady Indian basketball player Sue Ann Pace shares.

"Being a Lady Indian I think it is important to keep the theme somewhat," said Pace, "I'm really for the recommendation that we stay with something like the red wolf."

ASU Journalism professor Dr. Jack Zibluk takes it a step farther and feels the ivory billed woodpeckers would be a name that would help to set ASU apart from other schools.

"It's local, it's interesting and we wouldn't even have to change the colors it would be a lot of fun and it would be unique, and it would be something just for us," said Dr. Zibluk.

Every fan we talked to agreed it is important ASU continue with the current color scheme.

Recent graduate Autumn Tubbs feels the school should further emphasize the A-State logo and go with the name the Scarlett A's. "I think it's bold, I think Scarlett is bold, it keeps the "A" and we are A-State," said Tubbs.

Tubbs continued that no matter what mascot is ultimately selected it is important that other traditions aren't thrown out with the Indians.

"People have also suggested anything that would fit into the fight song and that is a really good idea because no one wants to leave that behind," said Tubbs.

We want you opinion on the mascot subject... what do you think the new mascot should be?

Based on your responses we have compiled a list of ten, in no particular order:  Ridge Runners, Red Wolves, Diamonds, Scarlet A's, Woodpeckers, Mosquitos, Tornadoes, Fighting Farmers, Hellbenders and Gorillas.

Our poll is no way associated with Arkansas State University or the decision that will be made.

  • Region 8 Responds

  • We continue to receive emails from across Region 8 with suggestions for ASU's new mascot. From these we have complied a new list of possible choices. Let us know which idea you would support.

  • Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far:

    The Copperheads
    631 votes
    The Ridge Runners
    371 votes
    The Diamondbacks
    442 votes
    The Naturals
    91 votes
    The Mammoths
    1085 votes
    The Red Swarm
    149 votes
    The Red Hawks
    432 votes
    The Red / The Scarlet
    202 votes
    The Red Wolves
    652 votes
    The Ivory Bills
    118 votes
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