Taking Back the Neighborhood

June 16, 2007 - Posted at 8:37 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-On Saturday North Jonesboro communities rallied together to say enough is enough.

"We have come up as a united front. We are taking the land back, and we are taking these neighborhoods back," said Bryan Carter.

After several weeks of violent crime, this community says they know the importance of taking back the area they care so much for.

"We have a lot of neighbors that love the Lord. We have a lot of children that love the Lord. We thank God today. We feel like with us doing this, it will save a lot of lives," said Betty Smith.

And they say saving lives is a job for everyone, not just police.

"We can call the police all day long, but what good will that do if we are sitting in our homes and we are seeing this stuff right up under our noses, and we're not trying to do anything about it," asked Carter.

So this saturday they did a lot, a lot of worshiping, a lot of entertaining, a lot of eating, and a lot of speaking out.

"This community has come a long ways in the last three or four years. We first off saw the owners of the apartment complexes come in here and do a lot of remodeling and bringing up the community. Now to see the residents living here try to take back the streets themselves, it means a lot," said Mayor Doug Formon.

Residents say it's time to show our children a way that doesn't involve drugs and gangs, a way that is led by example.

"They are out here trying to mimic what they saw someone else doing, and we are letting them know that there is a better way," said Carter.

Dozens attended Saturday's rally including the Mayor and sevarl firefighters and police officers.

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