A Faith-Filled Wreck

JONESBORO, AR -- A Jonesboro church said their prayers of thanks Sunday morning as 13 members of their youth group were involved in a bad wreck Saturday afternoon.

The wreck happened on Highway 63, just minutes from Jonesboro. The youth group from Calvary Baptist was returning from a mission trip in Colorado when a back tire blew causing the van to overturn.

After many miles on the road, not much is left of the Calvary Baptist Church bus after crashing not far from Jonesboro Saturday afternoon.

"This was the second day coming back and we'd left out about 7:30 that morning. We were twenty minutes from home when the tire blew," says Jeremy Keen, the youth minister who was injured in the wreck.

They were carrying a trailer with all their things behind the bus. When the back tire blew, the trailer began to jack-knife. That's when things took a turn for the worst.

"Next thing I knew we were sideways on the road and we'd flipped three times. It's almost like I could see it coming. I had a peace the whole time," says Keen.

Jeremy admits the thought crossed his mind about dying, but he says they weren't in fear, for they knew there was stronger power watching over them.

"All the windows had busted out expect for the windshield, but no one was thrown from the vehicle. God was just with us. He had his hand on us," says Keen.

Sunday morning, Jeremy led his church in their worship service. He spoke about their mission trip, and also about the wreck. The church said prayers of thanks that all in the wreck made it out ok, but also for lifelong lesson this experience taught them.

"Our kids were fired up about coming home and starting to share Jesus around here and Satan just threw something out there to try to trip us up. But I told my kids this morning if that's all we remember is the wreck, then it's pointless that we've been on a mission trip," says Keen.

With scraps and scars, it's a trip they'll mostly likely never forget, but Jeremy says he hopes it all for the best reasons.

"To remember the things that we learned and the things that we experienced and that god got us through the wreck. That's what's important," says Keen.

Thankfully, no one sustained life-threatening injuries in the wreck that sent 12 to the hospital. The group says they hope to soon get past this and regain focus on their missionary purpose.