Indians Merchandisers Impacted by Potential Change

JONESBORO, AR -- The mascot of the Arkansas State University Indians could soon change, if that happens the impact will be felt by more than just the fans.

"We're trying to limit our selection.  Considering everything that's going on we're trying to limit what we buy with 'ASU Indians'", said Indian Book Store merchandise buyer Rosalyn Washington.

Washington said the store is packed with ASU apparel, most of it with the "Indians" logo.

"Right now we're having a sale to move a lot of things out of the store and most of the stuff that's coming in is going to have the 'A-State' logo," said Washington.

Indian Book and Supply has been around for several years with the name of our mascot a part of their name.

"We were 'Indian Book Store' because of the ASU Indians, so I'm pretty sure we will have to change our name," said Washington.

That final decision would be up to the store's owners who live in florida.

"Hopefully they wont change it but if they do we'll have to do what we have to do," said Washington.

If the change does happen, that could mean more of these sale signs would go up.

"If they do change it then we'll just have to have an ongoing sale to try to get rid of it," said Washington.

Many fans would probably want to hit those sales to take advantage of good deals and to get some items to keep as momentoes after the Indians are gone.