18 Years After Body Found, Still No ID

BEEBE, AR - In the 18 years since a man dubbed as John Doe was found dead under a bridge, White County sheriff's investigators have been unable to identify the body.

Lieutenant Fred Cheek says the case is unusual because no one has come in to tell of a missing relative and provide a name for the body.

Knowing who the man was would allow investigators to try to piece together the victim's last movements.  Cheek believes the man was shot somewhere else and dumped under the bridge.

The body was found April 20, 1989, under the bridge off Arkansas 31 south of Beebe.

Investigators say the man was white, in his 20s, about six feet tall, and probably weighed between 220 to 230 pounds.  His hair was brown and medium length.  He had brown eyes.  His teeth were in good condition, and the bottom of his socks were clean.

No identification was found on the body.  There were no tattoos or distinguishing marks.  He was wearing blue work pants or jeans with stitching, a maroon shirt, white socks and no shoes.

He was shot multiple times with a small caliber gun.

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