A New Beginning

We have a saying in our business that we use quite often... The only thing constant is change. And today that saying applies to me... as this is my last Consider This commentary for KAIT.  Our parent company, Raycom Media, is launching a new Television station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and they are allowing me the opportunity to manage this new operation. It will certainly be a challenge, but what an exciting adventure.

Fortunately, Raycom, with its 40+ TV stations, has a depth of talent to choose from in regards to station management and they have tapped Tim Ingram to take my place as general manager for KAIT. Not only is Tim uniquely qualified, he's also a local boy. Tim grew up in Region 8 in Rector and is an Arkansas State Alum. In fact, his first job in the television business was right here at KAIT. You'll enjoy getting to know him in the coming weeks.

The team here at KAIT is a great group of people and hopefully, in some small way, I've had the opportunity to have a positive impact on the station and the community. That was certainly my intention... to leave it better than I found it. Thank you for allowing me that opportunity.

And now... Consider This...

The band called Semisonic has the song Closing Time with one verse most appropriate for this final chapter at KAIT... It goes... "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." So with that... this KAIT beginning that started 5 years ago now comes to an end... and the next journey begins.

Godspeed... Region 8... Godspeed.