Waiting on a Traffic Light, Again and Again

JONESBORO, AR -- Waiting and waiting. That's what drivers experience everyday right now at the intersection of Harrisburg and Parker road. Its right beside the exit off the 63 Bypass, so there is traffic coming from all directions. Byron Holt drives that path all the time.

"I've sat through it. This is my second time, but usually at any evening or rush hour traffic, it's safely two lights and even three," says Holt, a frustrated driver.

And if you've traveled through the Parker and Harrisburg Road intersection, you probably know what he's talking about. Light after light during rush hour traffic, you can plan on waiting to get through here, whether you're coming from Harrisburg Road or Parker.

Erick Woodruff, Jonesboro's Public Works Director admits there is problem.

"There's a timing issue that's occurring that has not been correctly put into place to control the traffic," says Woodruff.

He says it's a problem with the underground sensor or the loop.

"When those vehicles come in contact with the loop, it allows vehicles to flow more freely for a longer period of time that will alleviate the traffic backup on parker road," says Woodruff.

And right now, that loop is broken. Often times people sit through this light so many times here that once they finally reach the intersection they are so impatient and it creates a dangerous situation where many times they will go on yellow instead of waiting through the red light once again.

"It can be very dangerous and hopefully we can alleviate that. It's frustrating to have to sit through a light sometimes four or five times to actually get through the light," says Woodruff.

Crews were out on the scene working to correct the problem Tuesday afternoon and hope to fix it by the end of the day, making your travel time much quicker.

"We can make this light function off of timing events, one of those timing events being rush hour traffic at 5. We can make Parker Road stay green longer and we can also make Harrisburg Road stay green longer. They're going to monitor this intersection to make sure those timing loops do not fail again and the traffic should flow," adds Woodruff.

Other problem intersections around town are a work in progress right now too. Woodruff told K8 News that Gee Street, Washington and Matthews, and the intersection of Race and Nettleton all have lights that are being repaired to make your commute much easier.