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Fayetteville, AR

Trial on Threat Charge Delayed for Mitchell Johnson's Roommate

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Trial has been delayed for Justin Trammel, who as a juvenile killed his father with a crossbow and now faces a charge that he threatened to kill the mother of his child.

Trammel was also arrested on misdemeanor charges on New Years Day in Fayetteville while in the company of Westside Middle School shooter Mitchell Johnson.  The two were described as roommates at the time of the incident.

The 22-year-old Trammel was to have been tried today in Fayetteville.  The judge delayed the trial until July 12 to allow time to weigh whether Trammel's juvenile record can be admitted for consideration in the current case.

Trammel is on probation after pleading guilty in Bentonville in 2000 to first-degree murder.  The case is a landmark because Trammel was the first juvenile to be prosecuted under the state's blended sentencing law, which came about in part as a result of the 1998 shootings at Westside Middle School, where five people were killed when the then 13-year-old Johnson and 11-year-old Andrew Golden opened fire on their schoolmates and teachers.  Blended sentencing allows a combination of juvenile and adult sentencing for juveniles convicted of serious crimes.

Trammel is free on $10,000 bond and under an order to not have contact with the woman he threatened.

Trammel was freed from juvenile custody when he turned 18.  Johnson was freed on his 21st birthday, as was Golden, just last month.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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