Mosquito Help From Above

JONESBORO, AR -- The familiar war of mosquitoes: it's a battle we fight here every year in Region 8.

Since late April, they've been fighting the mosquitoes on the ground with treatments, but Wednesday night, they started treatments from up above. They're treating the entire city with chemicals sprayed from an airplane; a strong approach they say you should really notice.

The City of Jonesboro is full of the little pests and lately, it's just gotten worse.

"When the rice fields were flooded, a lot of mosquito eggs that had been sitting dormant were covered in water and the first hatch of the season occurred and it was probably a little bigger than average because of the drought," says Wes Gruenberg with Clarke Mosquito Control.

Gruenberg works for Clarke Mosquito Control, the company hired by the City of Jonesboro to fight the mosquito problem. Since April, they've been monitoring the mosquitoes in the city.

"We conduct surveillance regularly throughout the course of the week and we have mosquito traps which attract mosquitoes. We're able to get a count in certain areas and environments as far as how many mosquitoes are out," says Gruenberg.

And just recently, since the first big hatch of mosquitoes occurred, he says they realized it was time to fire up the plane.

"Once we get a read on the mosquito population throughout the city which we did and we saw that they were going up and annoyance rates were going up. We starting getting a lot of calls and we knew it was time to have an aerial application," says Gruenberg.

From the air, they will make a city-wide application that takes about an hour. Wes says it will take care of the majority of adult mosquitoes that are currently in Jonesboro. But what about the safety of this stuff they're spraying in the air?

"The EPA has stated that when applied in correct dosages this product is safe to the environment and humans and animals," says Gruenberg.

So no need to take caution, instead, he says you can sit back and expect a big difference when you're outside starting now.

"It's definitely going to get a lot, a lot better. The mosquito annoyance level is going to go down quite a bit. There's always going to be one or two mosquitoes out, but this is going to be a fairly blanketed treatment of the city," says Gruenberg.

Of course, there are things you can do at home as well.  Click on the link below for a few tips around the house.