Agency Rules Hope Carnival Ride Death an Accident, Still Cites Violations

HOPE, AR - The Arkansas Department of Labor has ruled that 7-year-old Marcial Alvarado-Mendoza was fatally injured when he stood up and fell out over the back of an amusement park ride.  But the department still issued citations against Jelly Saunders Original Razorback Amusements.

The boy and his mother both fell from the ride on April 8, and Marcial died a day later at Arkansas Childrens Hospital.

A report shows inspectors found no evidence that a mechanical failure or malfunction caused the accident, but carnival manager Ann Saunders was fined $10,000 for several amusement park violations.

The report said the ride had some worn parts, a broken lap bar, missing bolts and hydraulic leaks.  The report also said the ride's emergency stop button did not work.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)