Citing Concern for Hog Fans, Congressman Introduces Bill on TV Markets

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Congressman Mike Ross is calling for a change in federal law...on behalf of football fans in southern Arkansas.  Ross says federal law should reflect the fact that residents of southern Arkansas root for the Razorbacks, not the LSU Tigers.

Ross introduced bipartisan legislation yesterday to allow satellite and cable companies to provide in-state programming to their customers, even those customers assigned to out-of-state markets.  Ross says the issue is important to some of his southern Arkansas constituents who are served by stations in Louisiana and Mississippi.

As Ross put it, "Folks in southern Arkansas don't want to watch the LSU Tigers, they want to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks."

Ross is seeking to relax restrictions on which stations can be transmitted in such areas.  Current market assignments are designated by the Nielsen Media Research Company.  Ross says this is a problem in Arkansas because if a Razorbacks' game is on an unavailable in-state channel, some viewers can't watch.  He said it's not just an issue in Arkansas, but can be a problem for anybody who lives near a state line, in any state.

The legislation by Ross, a Democrat, is co-sponsored by Representatives Barbara Cubin, a Wyoming Republican, and Dan Boren, a Democrat from Oklahoma.

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