Drivers Faced with Frustration Over Intersection

JONESBORO, AR -- Since The Mall at Turtle Creek opened over a year ago the traffic has been very heavy.  While that may be good for mall merchants, it can be frustrating for drivers with destinations other than the mall.

"Since the lights been put in there have been many, many accidents," said Larry Mcilvoy.

"I've seen at least ten to fifteen accidents since they put this new intersection here," said Tammy Belk.

Mcilvoy and Belk said they want to see something done about the traffic flow.

"The lights aren't set correctly so you have traffic half out in the road one way and half in the road the other way people get confused," said Belk.

"The lights don't seem to be in synchronization so therefore they get up a head of steam to go through this one and then the other one will be red and there are a lot of rear ends," said Mcilvoy.

The city wants to see a change made as well.

"Just like all the citizens of Jonesboro, I drive through there and I see the problem," said Erick Woodruff, Public Works Director for the city of Jonesboro.

Woodruff said the lights around the mall were not put in by the city.

"That is a state highway which is the state highway department which has done a study previously to determine the lights and the placement of the lights on those intersections," said Woodruff.

Last week the city contacted Peters and Associates out of Little Rock, the company that put the lights in.

"They should probably be here some time this week to take another look and probably do some more timing issues as far as studies goes that will impact those intersections," said Woodruff.

And as for the lights, they told K8 News there is nothing they can actually go in and do to fix the problem.

"Right now those lights are in a maintenance program and we cannot as a city just go out and retime those lights -- they're contracted," said Woodruff.

"Something is going to happen.  There are too many people that go through here and there's not enough space," said Belk.

Drivers say some of the problem is that people are avoiding the light and taking a service road from the mall parking lot which has been a cause for some of the wrecks.