Blytheville Resident Enjoying New Home

BLYTHEVILLE, AR--June is National Home Ownership Month, and to celebrate the event, the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development, along with the Mississippi County Arkansas Economic Opportunity Commission are helping to make home ownership possible for some residents.

Tuesday, the organizations held an open house in Blytheville showcasing a few of the homes nearing completion and waiting for an owner.

The program is designed to help those in the low to very low income range secure the financing to own a home with no down payment.

"We are available to make anyone a loan that we can. Whether they have good credit, acceptable credit and they want to buy a house and they want to make a commitment to that, then we will be willing to finance that for them," said Bryan Exum of the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development.

The two organizations are currently going through applications looking owners for three of the homes nearing completion.

Just last month, the first home in this project wrapped up construction with a first time home owner moving into the home.

After the application process, the owner worked with builders to have a house that was a perfect fit for her family.

For Blytheville resident Krystal Carter, doing the dishes is a little easier now that she has been doing household chores for the past month in a home she owns.

"It's been great. A lot of hanging pictures and moving stuff," said Carter.

Carter, her two kids and a nephew were renters over the past few years because of their inability to secure financial assistance. That is until recently.

"I like the house, I love the house," said Carter.

Thanks to financial assistance from the USDA Rural Development, Carter, a first time homebuyer qualified for a loan to purchase a house she and her family can enjoy for years to come.

"They like it here. It is great. It is a foundation, it's a start," said Carter.

According to the Carter's, the best thing about their new pad is the additional space. They go from having a two bedroom apartment to a spacious four bedroom home. Everyone is enjoying their own room.

"Because I can play with my dolls by myself or with my friends," said 6 year-old Triona Carter.

In addition to her own room, Triona Carter feels her new home is more than she expected.

"A lot of space, a lot of fans and a lot of closets," said Triona Carter.

Triona says her old closets didn't hold all her clothes and toys; she was surprised how much fits in her new one.

"I thought it was little, but then I opened it up and it was big," said Triona Carter.

Her mother who works at American Greetings is happy her hard earned money is helping to achieve the American dream.

"It feels good to be a homeowner," said Krystal Carter.

And even better knowing she is paying less to own a home that she did paying rent.

"It feels better knowing that you are paying for something that you will have ownership to eventually, other than paying the landlord and making him more money," said Krystal Carter.

The USDA Rural Development has plans to start on another home on the Carter's street soon. In addition three other homes are nearing completion made possible by the Mississippi County Arkansas Economic Opportunity Commission.